Ashley House and Ashley House Depot

Ashley House provides space to over 20 creative businesses on a former industrial site in Tottenham Hale.

It is also the home of The Cause and Grow, a space for London, that celebrate dance music culture, London nightlife, independent business and positive mental health.

Based within an ex car-mechanics depot, it has been transformed into a multi-functional community project that supports arts, independent business, start-ups and a community garden. The industrial venue hosts a labyrinth of interconnecting outdoor and indoor spaces that brings arts and electronic music to North London, whilst using best endeavours to raise awareness and funds for both local and national mental health charities.

Gaunson House

Gaunson House is a multi-use workspace that consists of 26 individual studio and offices spaces for artist, music producers, furniture designers, architects and more.

Our tenants include Ten 87 who provide creative workspace for music & sound, Two at Six an award-winning Industrial Design Agency and Idris Barbers.

Carvall Warehouse

Carvall Warehouse provides light industrial creative workspace and artist studios for 10 occupiers including Tim Davies Design Ltd, and artists Bert Gilbert, Sarah Derat and Benedick Tranchell.
The Tottenham Project Ltd
The Tottenham Project operates three mixed-use affordable work and event spaces in Tottenham, North London.
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